Hi there. Warmest thanks, for popping by my humble website. Built by my own technologically illiterate hands - expect to find pages featuring upside-down content, links that take you nowhere at all, video clips that don't work, a blog that refuses to give up its secrets and a shop that will sell you wonderful things - not at all.
But amongst all these calamities, you'll find my artwork; meagre offerings, such as they are.
Make yourself welcome, peruse, leave comments and please feel free to contact me and say hello. 

Current goings on...

A fellow, the other day, was asking about my painting “process” - how observing such a phenomenon might be interesting. “Rather, I should think so.” I agreed, playing it cool, reflecting inwardly that two thirds of my “process” involve the eating of biscuits and afternoon naps. After some reflection though, I figured I could spare my friend the witnessing of such horrors if I created a time-lapse video - like those I’ve seen other artists do so well. That way I can retain the deceptive illusion that I’m a diligent, hard working sort of a Johnnie.

It wasn’t as easy as I expected however. The logistics proved continuously problematic - from securing my phone to a tripod using cable ties and half a roll of parcel tape and having to undo it all because I’d taped over the blasted charger port twenty minutes into the recording! And where to position the accursed tripod so that I wasn’t forever tripping over the blasted thing! In the end it was between my legs and arms as I painted around it. I thought I might try duct-taping it to my face next time. That wouldn’t be any less annoying though, I suppose, might bring a whole new set of problems.

Other, proper bona-fide artists present very fine time-lapse videos - a pristine documentation from beginning to end. You won’t find that here. I recorded this in five parts and then cobbled all the pieces together into a jammy mess. But I enjoyed it all the same. My next movie, I’m sure, will be a resounding success!

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Another time-lapse video (I’m a little embarrassed by just how much I love the time-lapse! Brace yourself for more! I might very well time-lapse everything from now on! I wonder what I look like sleeping)

But yeah, another time-lapse video, this one featuring an enigmatic little UK bird called a Nuthatch. This little chap may be found in old woods such as South London’s, Great North Wood. The only Uk bird, interestingly, able to run headlong up and down tree trunks. They hunt small insects in the crevices of bark